Alfa Romeo GTA 500 | Race Instruction

Race Instruction

Improving performance & getting the most from your time racing

Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver looking to make improvements Roberto can create a tailored training plan for you.

Race-Keeper Video and Data-Logging will show you exactly how you can improve your driving. Syncronised video and data traces are compared and evaluated. Your strengths and weaknesses are identifiable in a clear and informative way.

During race coaching you benefit from Roberto’s wealth of expertise across a wide variety of cars, tracks & race conditions to help you learn and improve. Roberto not only offers exceptional race instruction he can also help with:

  • Race car set-up services for individuals – have your car assessed to get the best results on the track
  • Car set-up consultancy for race car preparers who want to supply perfectly set-up cars to their customers

Roberto’s racing and engineering experience and best practice approach is a cost effective way to be quicker and safer. Roberto’s day-rate fee is £595. Discount available for repeat clients.

 Motorsport is Dangerous.

Just as the race circuit organisers will require you to sign an indemnity, you will also be required to sign an indemnity with Roberto. If you want injury or damage insurance you must arrange it yourself.

Picture above is of the legendary Alfa Romeo ‘GTA Turbo’; 500bhp and weighing 790kg. An engineering exercise & multiple race winner designed, built and driven by Roberto in the 1990s.