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Roberto is freelance and is always ready for new writing challenges. He can supply editors with complete words-and-photography packages on any motoring subject. Please enquire.

Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, Roberto has been a professional freelance writer and test driver for over 20 years. He wrote his first story in 1979 for Classic and Sportscar magazine. Today he writes for printed magazines web-based magazines. He has been supplying a column in a weekly motoring magazine for over 10 years and is open to any new offers for writing regular columns, as this has become a speciality.

If you have a car or idea for a magazine feature, please get in touch.

Roberto has supplied words and images for the following publications:

  • Auto Italia magazine
  • Octane magazine
  • Maserati’s in-house magazine – Tridente
  • Ferrari World
  • Italian Cars
  • World Sports Cars
  • 911 Porsche World
  • Performance & Style magazine
  • Classic American
  • Wheels magazine Dubai
  • Gulf News UAE
  • Classic Driver web magazine
  • Motorsports Now (in-house mag of MSA)
  • Track and Race Cars magazine
  • Midsummer Books part-work features writer
  • TRMG  programme features writer

Top Photo: Testing a new Lamborghini at Homestead Raceway, Miami USA.