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June 2016

Once Upon a Time There was a time when if you fancied a nice juicy steak, you would pick up your pointed stick, murder a wildebeest, rub bits of wood… Read more »

May 2016

10th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Grand Prix de Monaco HistoriqueBlog readers will be familiar with the glitzy Grand Prix in Monaco. Barring the odd world war, this glamourous event that… Read more »

April 2016

Apologies. No time for a blog this month. May’s Blog will report on the Monaco Historique. Someone has to do it….

Racing a giant-killing Lotus 26R

March 2016

It may be March 2016 but this blog goes back 100 million years. The racing season has started and so has the driver coaching season. An essential part of my… Read more »

February 2016

Dinosaur vs Apple The Detroit Motor Show has come and gone. It majors on new car technology and deploys countless concept cars, giving us food for thought for the future… Read more »

January 2016

2016 is my 50th year in motorsport. Go to Racing Driver and then Race History for details. The New Year will see me racing and co-driving several fabulous cars. Pictures in the… Read more »

December 2015

 Formula One – The Next Two Years Relaxing on a yacht in Monaco watching the Grand Prix is all very nice, but in the real world F1 spectators are voting… Read more »

November 2015

  In The Zone A top sportsperson knows when he or she is ‘in the zone’. There is a marked difference between an excellent performance and the performance that comes… Read more »

October 2015

The Blame Game The governing bodies of global motor racing need to make up their minds whether motor racing is – or is not – a non-contact sport. Of course… Read more »