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March, April 2018

 Two Feet, Two Pedals Many Blog readers will have driven go-karts. Go-karts come is two types: the mega fast pro-karts, and the slower versions for fun or corporate entertainment. ‘Fun’ karting… Read more »

November – December 2017

Man vs Robot There was an unusual TV programme recently because it linked self-driving cars with self-driving race cars. It began by telling us that trucks will be an early… Read more »

September – October 2017

Indoctrination The Oxford English Dictionary defines indoctrination as, “The process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.” Indoctrination works best with the very young…. Read more »

July, August 2017

The Dean Van Lines Lister Chevrolet Knobbly at the 1958 US Grand Prix It is that time of year again. A big envelope thudded onto the mat. It fell face… Read more »

May, June 2017

Equality In London, everyone hates cyclists, yet cycling is set to overtake driving. Traffic grid-lock, insufficient parking places and fines for driving into the city will only get worse. Public… Read more »

March, April 2017

    Driven to Crime Your licence acquires penalty points as you break various laws. Eventually you receive a driving ban. 12 penalty points is the theoretical ceiling before a… Read more »

January – February 2017

Back to Work There was a TV programme some years ago about people who did things at the weekend. Lying in bed all morning and extended breakfasts did not figure… Read more »

November, December 2016

Heroes My two heroes have something in common: Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Niki Lauda have both cheated death regularly. You should never meet your heroes, so permit me to ignore… Read more »

September, October 2016

Goodwood Revival 2016 The Goodwood Revival is an ever–increasing global success, because of effort. There is massive effort on the part of Lord March and his team as well the… Read more »

July, August 2016

  Hal Tesla Motors in the USA recently disclosed the death of one of its test drivers. It appears that the autonomous – or self-driving – car was in collision… Read more »